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Lead generation & app technologies for more than 87+ industries

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We help drive 68,000+ call leads monthly to affiliated business partners to help them receive the best ROI with our robust pay per call platform, powered by algorithmics analytic and our advanced comprehensive technology.
Connecting consumers and businesses together
We remain competitive in an ever-shifting economic environment providing leads to 87+ industries.
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Data Tech Applications
Technology designed for growth by predictive behavioral analytics applied to the end-users for data forecasting.
With our custom technology and data solutions, clients can be assured of being at the forefront of innovation.
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Our Awards

Americas Fastest-Growing Companies
Fundamentals of Pay Per Call

PFM Pay-Per-Call Popularity

Power Fusion Media aims to make lead generation services more accessible to all levels of businesses by focusing on solutions that are responsive to industry needs. Our customizable services create a more convenient, flexible, and faster consumer experience. Learn more about our most popular services below.

Home-Based Services
Our most popular platform enables businesses to return positive ROI which are cheaper means than using traditional paid advertisement. Home service industry leads include Plumbing, HVAC, Flooring, Garage Doors, Pest Control, Home Internet, Cleaning and any service related to homeowners and businesses of all sizes.
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Auto Insurance and home insurance another popular vertical within the Pay-Per-Call space which includes leads associated with Major national brands such as Travelers Insurance, The General, MetLife just to name a few.
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Legal – Law Offices
Pay-Per-Call leads directly to law offices specializing in Criminal, DUI, Accident, Immigration, Divorce and other popular consumer related calls.
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Doctors & Medical
Leads generated for small and medium sized doctors offices such as Dentist, Chiropractor, General Physicians, to Specialty Doctors including heart, lungs, ears.
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Our Ecosystem

At PFM we connect all the key buyers to bring comprehensive lead generation solutions to each vertical with a client-focused environment that boosts ROI and expands client relationships. Many of our technology vendors and client relations have been the backbone of PFM’s success.

About PFM

Power Fusion Media (PFM) parent company Digital Plus was established in Las Vegas, NV in 2010, PFM provides digital technology and lead generation service that enables businesses of all sizes to acquire leads related to their industry by providing Electrifying Leads & Customer Conversion metrics.

We are the technology and lead generation provider of choice for a growing number of “Call-To-Action” industries in the USA, assisting clients in a digital transformation journey by automating their processes with prequalified leads reducing costs and optimizing their solution offerings and revenue potential.

Our Mission
Our mission is to redefine the way leads are offered, managed and accessed through providing innovative digital solutions for businesses of all sizes, and providing resources for consumer leads while not undermining quality and still proving quantity for continued growth ahead.
Our Vision
We believe we are a niche alternative solution to provide innovative ways for other businesses to grow as well. As PFM expands within technology and app development, we are determined to provide end-user solutions for many underserved data applications within an Influencer marketplace.
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Las Vegas HQ
Office: 5844 S Pecos Rd. Las Vegas, NV 89120
Call: +1(702)-800-4907